Knowledge. Innovation. Integrity.

For over three decades, Quality Inks & Rollers has served sheet-fed and web offset commercial printers with manufactured inks for commercial packaging, promotional printing and plastics.

Our Approach.

Quality Inks & Rollers is concerned with preserving the earth’s resources and implementing environmentally-sensitive business practices. We produce American-made sustainable products for a cleaner and healthier tomorrow:

VOC-reduced inksQualColPrintWith2x2300dpi (2)

Soy-based inks

Waterless inks

UV curable inks

Vegetable inks

As a company, we recycle office waste, drums claimed as scrap metal, and any remaining petroleum-based ink re-blended into a useable black ink. 

 Our clients.

Adaptability and foresight has sustained us over the past 30 years. But it’s the relationships we have with our clients that defines our success. By offering customization, from inks to billing systems, a mutual collaboration always leads to great things.


Quality Inks & Rollers                            1.800.356.0192

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